What Services Does a Factoring Company Provide?

If you’re considering using a factoring company to access your company’s receivables faster than the trade terms you may have set up with your customers, you’re not alone. Many successful small businesses rely on a factoring company instead of taking out a bank loan or accruing high interest…Read More

3 Ways Cash Flow Funding Helps the Bottom Line

If you’re a successful small business owner, you may be looking for ways to access cash to meet payroll or monthly expenses, to accommodate a rapid growth phase, or to invest in equipment or raw materials to fill a big order. You have several options, including using a…Read More

End 2015 On A Positive Note with Factoring Services

Don’t let end-of-the-year drops in income keep your small business from operating in the black. At US Funding, we know that successful companies experience the ebb and flow of income vs. expenses. And we know it doesn’t have to sink your company just because your customers are lagging…Read More

Small Business Factoring Works for Any Successful Business

If you’re managing a small business through the ups and downs of challenging economic times, you’re already familiar with the basic advice offered by experienced business leaders:

  1. Control your company’s growth. Grow business slowly, building a sustained rate that isn’t dependent on just a few customers.
  2. Stay aware…Read More