Making Sense of Small Business Factoring

At US Funding, we know that owning a successful small business is tough with challenges that go from personnel to production. We also know that financial challenges are the ones that stay on your mind and present the greatest risk. Perhaps factoring, or accounts receivable financing, could be…Read More

Factoring Frees Up Funds for Your Small Business

Small business owners often run into cash flow challenges, and factoring can help get business owners through tight spots without incurring long-term or high-interest debt. Let’s take a look at some common scenarios and see how factoring works to free up funds so business owners can take advantage of opportunities…Read More

The Right Factoring Company Makes Growth Easier

At US Funding, we are dedicated to providing fair and honest transactions to our valued clients. Part of this focus includes developing reasonable policies, implementing transparent processes, and increasing our customers’ understanding of procedures.

What Is Factoring?

Also called “accounts receivable financing,” factoring occurs when a company sells…Read More

Receive Working Capital with Accounts Receivable Financing

Does your manufacturing company need working capital? Is your growth and success outpacing your customers’ timing on paying invoices? If so, we’re sure you are investigating several sources to fill your need for increased cash flow, such as business loans from banks, Business Administration loans, credit cards or…Read More