Industries We Support

US Funding provides accounts receivable financing to business-to-business companies in a variety of industries – from manufacturing, distributors, and importers, to service providers and staffing agencies. What is common to all these types of businesses is the need for quick, reliable financing to cover payroll, catch up on bills, purchase inventory, expand operations, staff up or buy materials. In short, strong cash flow.

Do you struggle with these business challenges?

  • Seasonal or uneven sales patterns
  • Credit line is maxed out, terminated or reduced
  • You have large, financially sound customers that demand aggressive credit terms
  • Slow accounts receivable turnover, causing cash flow shortages
  • Growing faster than your cash flow will support
  • Spotty earnings or sales history
  • You are a start-up company without established financing relationships
  • Past credit problems
  • You have growth opportunities that will require large capital investments

If any of these apply to your business, we can help. We deal with clients from start-ups to $100MM range.

To get started, simply complete our Accounts Receivable Financing Application.