Staffing & Temporary Personnel Agencies

As businesses slowly emerge from the depressed economic conditions of the past few years, they are likely to call on staffing agencies for temporary employees until they have enough confidence in the economic recovery to hire more permanent employees. This means that staffing companies are likely to see a surge in business. With increased demand, many staffing companies will need increased cash flow to meet their payrolls since most pay their employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis – before they receive payment from their business clients in 30 days or longer.

US Funding can become an active partner with you to meet your capital needs and help you to grow your business. Our experience in serving the needs of the staffing industry is extensive.

We have the flexibility to move more quickly than a bank to provide financing solutions. The needs of a staffing agency can change suddenly; landing a large contract can result in an immediate need for more financing now or risk losing the contract. Bank lines of credit as well as loans are not set up to accommodate a sudden demand for increased working capital. We are.

When you entrust managing the details of your accounts receivables to us, you ensure that you have the cash flow that you need as well as ongoing funding as your company grows. We keep detailed accounts of your transactions and provide you with 24-hour online access to this information. Without the stress and anxiety that come with juggling payroll demands with accounts receivables revenue, you can concentrate on generating new customers as well as expanding your own business.