Benefits of Our Payroll Services

You may know of us as primarily a factoring company, but US Funding is uniquely qualified to handle your temporary services or personnel firm’s back office support functions and payroll services. We understand the unusual accounting and finance problems you face, including overlapping pay cycles and irregular cash flow along with many other complications.

We can provide welcome relief for functions such as payroll, payroll taxes, accounts receivable collections, accounts payable and more. Our payroll services can be fully customized, providing the level of support you require to accommodate your temp agency or personnel firm needs.

The Small Business Association’s website offers several reasons to outsource your company’s payroll services:

  • Avoid IRS penalties. If your payroll taxes are not done correctly, significant penalties can be incurred. Let the experts give you peace of mind that IRS filing deadlines and deposit requirements are met.
  • Reduce costs or time. Our payroll services will be more cost-effective than maintaining staff with salaries and benefits or doing it all yourself after hours and on weekends.
  • Use direct deposit. You can save paperwork at the end of every month with this provider-based service and save your employees the time and gas it takes to go to the bank, while reducing the risk of having a lost or stolen paycheck.
  • Relieve stress. Use professional experts with industry-specific knowledge to stay abreast of current regulations, updated forms and changing rates. You can focus on the parts of your business that you love.

Basic services can include any of the following: determination of payroll and tax requirements, printing and distributing paychecks, compiling reports, filing taxes, issuing W-2 forms, managing 401(k) deductions and tracking employee benefits.  You can always take advantage of the full range of back office functions that we provide at US Funding.

By doing this, you would be able to focus on sales and marketing and growing your agency, while we take on the administrative and accounting duties that are necessary to keep your firm functioning successfully. And, our around-the-clock online access would allow you to review your records at any time.

At US Funding, we want you to enjoy your work and be successful at it. We are convinced that having us as your payroll services partner can accomplish exactly that. Have you missed any payroll deposit deadlines and been assessed penalties? Are you uncertain about your tax calculations? How does the cost-per-hour for your current method compare to outsourcing the function to us?

We have been in business since 1999 and have many satisfied clients who depend on our services and trust us to handle their back office support. Let us do the same for your temporary service or personnel firm. You can call us at 336-812-9767 to obtain more information or get your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you!