Advantages of Advanced Payroll

US Funding excels in services for the temporary staffing industry.  With over 45 years of combined experience we offer money only, full service and complete back-office operations options.  We pride ourselves on creating custom solutions which build your business.

Working within a staffing agency, you know how busy it can be. People are in and out and constantly being shuffled around. There is a lot to keep track of, with payroll perhaps being the most important. Everyone has to get paid, and checks need to be accurate and in compliance with the law. You may try to handle all of this internally, but it can really be beneficial to have an outside specialist help you with your advanced payroll.

Here are the reasons why:

Time Savings

As you are probably aware, payroll is a very time-consuming activity. It requires a lot of care and attention, as entering the wrong numbers could cause a lot of problems. When you have someone handle your payroll, this frees you up for other more important tasks.

Money Savings

Time is money, as they say, and think about everything you have to spend time doing when it comes to your payroll: making all of the calculations, printing and distributing checks, generating reports, preparing taxes. A payroll company will take care of all those tasks.

Government Compliance

Taxes can be extremely complicated, yet business owners have to be aware of the many rules and regulations so they will be compliant. Whether you realize it or not, you are legally responsible for misrepresentation or not accurately reporting employment taxes to state and federal agencies, even if it was not done intentionally. Any payroll mistakes can lead to trouble with the IRS in the form of penalties or audits. While it is nearly impossible for business owners to stay up-to-date on tax changes, an advanced payroll company must remain current on all tax laws.

Better Security

If you have someone handling your payroll right now, how confident are you that they are completely trustworthy? Things such as tampering with funds or embezzlement unfortunately are common occurrences within businesses. Plus, if you use payroll software, you just never know how secure your server or network is. The best advanced payroll companies only use the latest technology for storing and protecting data, so you will never have to worry about your information being compromised.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the main reason to outsource your advanced payroll is that you know you will always have an expert handling things. While you understand the intricacies of your business extremely well, a payroll processing firm knows theirs. And because you are certainly very busy, your payroll can be one less thing you have to concern yourself with.

You understand the importance of finding the right people for the right jobs; that is why you do what you do. And when you need a company to handle your advanced payroll, there is none better than US Funding.

Whatever specific needs you have, our payroll services can be tailored to meet them. While you focus on running and growing your business, US Funding will make sure that your payroll is done accurately and is in compliance with all federal and state laws.