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Answers to 4 Common Payroll Factoring Questions

Written by moxysupport on September 1, 2015

If your small business is suddenly doing very well, you may discover that you are lacking the necessary cash flow to cover payroll due to timing issues. Many successful companies have this problem at one time or another. To get the money you need, a bank loan would…Read More

How Can Small Business Factoring Help You?

Written by moxysupport on August 25, 2015

Do you have your hands full just managing ongoing operations or efficient production at your small business? Are you challenged to increase your marketing efforts and grow those sales numbers? Does the thought of having to make payroll or pay outstanding bills make you nervous, while you wait…Read More

Factoring Services Could Save Your Temp Agency

Written by moxysupport on August 11, 2015

If one of these scenarios seems to fit your current situation, consider US Funding’s factoring services to give you some breathing room.

  • It’s the end of the month. You have to pay your permanent staff and all your temp clients. But, the businesses that contract with you…Read More