Is Invoice Funding Right for You?


When it comes to financial terms and procedures, things can get complicated quickly. Invoice funding is no exception. At US Funding, our aim is to un-complicate matters for our clients. We want to explain what we do in a simple way and why a particular service of ours is exactly…Read More

Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies, Your Money Faster

The ability to pay one’s employees in full and on-time is the first step in creating a successful business. Without happy, paid employees your company loses credibility and inevitably, revenue. Payroll funding for staffing companies is an excellent way to avoid committing this Business 101 slip-up. It’s also great for…Read More

5 Ways Payroll Agencies Benefit From Factoring

Circumstances often arise that cause small businesses to need a little extra help with their expenses. Payroll agencies, in particular, are responsible for making sure they have plenty of money when it comes time to cut checks for all of their employees, not to mention having enough to cover all…Read More