Cash Flow Funding Helps Your Small Business through The Month

Written by US Funding on September 28, 2015

Your small business has been pretty successful. You’ve been smart about marketing and public relations, about operations and inventory control, about hiring decisions and funding benefits, and all the aspects of managing a business that cross your desk. Things have worked out well, thanks to good decision-making and a bit of luck. Then, you have the occasional bad month when income doesn’t keep up with invoices – you need a temporary stream of cash and you need it fast. At US Funding, we can help with cash flow funding for your small business.

We have been providing cash flow services to businesses like yours since 1999. Our experts partner with you to develop a customized financial support plan that’s tailored to your industry and your company.

Here is the way cash flow funding works.

Your business goes through normal business cycles that include months when customers pay their invoices promptly and months when some customers lag behind. You know they will pay their bills eventually, but you need money immediately to meet your own monthly obligations. How do you create a responsible stream of financial support?

You could apply for a loan from a bank in order to get funding. However, there are drawbacks to this approach. First, there will be reams of paperwork to fill out, and who has time for that? Then, lending institutions require access to all your company’s financial records, which is a nerve-wracking in this age of electronic sabotage and hacked accounts. Their process will take time – maybe 30-to-60 days – which is the one thing (besides cash) that you don’t have! And, this approach will add debt to your company’s balance sheet, which may be hard to justify to board members or stockholders.

You could lay off some of your employees, who depend on you. With this approach, however, your remaining staff would have to increase their work load without receiving any additional cash flow of their own. You can see how this could seriously impact morale, not to mention overworking the employees you have left and potentially decreasing productivity. Your business certainly could not grow over the long-term with this approach.

You could simply delay paying your business partners for a little while. This would give you some time to collect on outstanding invoices, but it could also damage those valuable business relationships that you need in order to succeed. Also, any beneficial contract perks or discounts that are due to a stellar payment history would be jeopardized along with your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Fortunately, there is another option.

Turn to US Funding for help with cash flow. You select the outstanding invoices that you want us to service. We will advance a large percentage of the total within 24 hours. Your customers will make their payments to us and we send you the rest of what you are owed, minus our fee.

Let us provide needed cash flow funding for your company-it is the best option to keep your cash flow current and your balance sheet free of additional debt.

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