Is Invoice Financing Right For Your Business?

Written by moxysupport on April 17, 2015

Also known as accounts receivable factoring, invoice financing is a type of short-range borrowing that companies use to supply cash flow to help handle temporary situations. It allows a business to have access to a percentage of its own sales invoices before customers have paid them, without incurring debt.

Naturally, you want to do this type of business with a trustworthy finance company, such as US Funding. Headquartered in High Point, NC, we are the knowledgeable experts in invoice financing. We have been providing cash flow services to companies like yours since 1999, and our team brings more than 35 years of combined experience to every business deal.

At US Funding, we use our proven methods and state-of-the-art processes to develop flexible, customized plans suited especially to your industry and your company’s way of working. We guarantee that our rates are reasonable and competitive, and we require no application fee and no monthly minimum amount. You can have the cash your business needs within 24 hours.

The Benefits of Invoice Financing

  • Since the money you receive is money that is due to be paid by your customers, you don’t have to repay a loan or line of credit and you aren’t adding to your company’s debt.
  • You receive the total amount in just 24 hours without the time-consuming hassle of forms to fill out and background checks to wait for and endless questions to answer.
  • Our arrangements will not require you to endure audits, supply monthly financial reports or provide net worth statements or other proofs of financial stability.
  • You can choose which accounts receivable make the most sense to be included in the arrangement; you don’t have to include all of your outstanding invoices.

How Will Invoice Financing Help You?

  • If your business has a lot of debt, this arrangement will not add more debt to your balance sheet, so board members and stockholders will not be skittish about the infusion of cash.
  • If your company’s circumstances are a temporary situation that will resolve itself soon, you won’t have to resort to a long-term bank loan to solve a short-term problem.
  • If your business needs funds quickly for equipment or inventory to meet demand, you can take advantage immediately of the money that is due to be paid to you later.

Let Us Assist You

At US Funding, we can help in several other ways, too. Because we have extensive experience in the specific industries of staffing and temporary personnel, manufacturing and fabrication, and small businesses, we are uniquely qualified to perform your company’s back office activities. Let us do your payroll and payroll taxes, your invoicing and accounts receivable, and more. You may be able to eliminate your accounting department altogether and use the savings to increase your sales and profits.

Our expert team at US Funding wants to help minimize the stress of managing your business operations and we know just how to do it.

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