Invoice Funding Helps Your Business through the Holidays

The holidays are nearly upon us, and that usually means very good things for small businesses. Because so many people get into the gift-giving spirit this time of year, stores are crammed with shoppers and suddenly the income statement starts to look a lot better. While the holiday…Read More

Is Payroll Factoring What’s Needed for Your Business?

Your temporary staffing agency or successful small business juggles many financial responsibilities including office supplies and equipment, sales and marketing materials, insurance, and much more. But, most likely, the largest financial challenge you have is meeting your payroll. This is where payroll factoring can solve a lot of…Read More

Why Small Business Factoring is Perfect for Your Company

If your successful small business is progressing smoothly through the cycles of monthly customer invoicing and payments received, without any inconvenient fluctuations of income stream causing occasional short-term difficulties meeting financial obligations, then we congratulate you! In our experience, however, new or small companies that depend heavily on…Read More

3 Good Reasons to Call an Invoice Factoring Company

Successful small business owners can get cash for rapid growth, large orders or projects, good investment opportunities in a number of ways. If you’re a small business owner, you may opt to take out a small business loan, tap into your credit cards, or even use equity from…Read More